Innovation Consulting

The analysis of ideas is at the heart of our mission. And getting a grasp of the factors that will impact your specific MENTAL CONCEPT [business idea/ social trend or tradition/ political line of thought] might be crucial to your mission:

Whether it is to put an end to the practice of female genital mutilation or to create hype around a new type of sunglasses – we can provide you with the edge you need, helping you put your best foot forward.

Whether you believe in six degrees of separation or not, in an ever-connecting, buzzing world, ideas spread like viruses.

Some will infect the masses, gain momentum and make it big time, impacting and shaping everything around them...

Best case, even people in Northern Mongolia will prefer your kind of drink over any other kind.

Worst case, all blue eyed people might be gassed.

An idea can be like dynamite: a powerful catalyst, but to be handled with care.

The wrong spark at the wrong time can make your endeavour impossible – or a nightmare.

Which is why access to our ever-growing idea development databank, our internal idea intelligence and change marker & trend monitoring results might change your view of management or branding and even your concept’s or company’s future.

We have worked with a considerable number of entrepreneurs helping them assess risks ahead and develop actionable milestone plans to combat the obstacles in their way. In doing so, we naturally focus on the most emminent obstacles in any founder's way:

a) Investor Relations and Stakeholder Management during Seed Stage, Series A and B

b) Investor Readiness - proofing your business plan, pitch deck and entire business set-up.

c) Brand Strategy

d) Buisiness Ethics

In a world where the consequences of progress are not always forseeable, we help you navigate long-term costs associated with modern technology, such as Artifical Intelligence, Robotics and Virtual Reality.

Black Swans exist, however, there are risks and eventualities you can and should prepare for. In fact, we argue it is possible to prepare for Black Swans, too. Not convinced? Talk to us.

We are currently developing a Practical Ethical Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Founders and Managers of  companies in the AI sector and have previously developed industry guidelines for various ethical challenges.